The subject of this Preliminary Information Form of Sales Agreement is the sale and delivery of the product/products with the specifications and sales price specified below by the SELLER to the BUYER/ORDERING PARTY, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation (Official Gazette: 27.11.2014/29188). By accepting this pre-information form, the BUYER agrees that if he/she confirms the order, he/she will be obliged to pay the order amount, as well as any specified additional charges such as shipping fees and taxes, and acknowledges being informed of these obligations in advance.


Title: Soleda Foreign Trade Limited Company
Address: Merdivenköy Mah. Şair Arşi Cad. No:14/4 Kadıköy – Istanbul
Phone: 0216 296 00 93
Tax Office - No: [Tax Office] - [Tax Number]
Email: info@soledababy.com

3. BUYER INFORMATION (Hereinafter referred to as the BUYER)

Recipient: [Full Name]
Delivery Address: [Address]
Phone: [Phone]
Email/Username: [Email]


4.1 The basic features of the product/products (type, quantity, brand/model, color, quantity) are available on the SELLER's website. You can review the basic features of the product during the campaign period. 4.2 The prices listed and announced on the website are the sales prices. The announced prices and promises are valid until updated or changed. Prices announced for a specific period are valid until the end of that period. 4.3 The inclusive sales price of the contracted product or service is shown in the table below.

[Products Purchased]

Delivery Address: [Delivery Address]
Invoice Address: [Address]
Order Date: [Date]


5.1. The BUYER acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that he/she has read and understood the basic characteristics of the product, sales price, payment method, and delivery information on the SELLER's website before accepting this agreement electronically.

5.2. The product will be delivered to the BUYER within the period specified on the SELLER's website, depending on the distance to the place of residence.

5.3. The SELLER undertakes to deliver the product with all necessary documents, including warranty certificates and user manuals, in compliance with legal regulations and standards, free from any defects, and in accordance with the specifications specified in the contract.

5.4. The SELLER may supply a different product of equal quality and price with the consent of the BUYER before the fulfillment of the contractual obligations.

5.5. If it becomes impossible for the SELLER to fulfill the obligations arising from the contract before the expiration of the delivery period, the SELLER undertakes to notify the BUYER within 3 days of learning about the situation and refund the total amount within 14 days.

5.6. In case of non-payment or cancellation of the product price, the SELLER's obligation to deliver the product ends, and the BUYER is responsible for returning the product with shipping costs covered.

5.7. In case of unauthorized use of the BUYER's credit card after the delivery of the product, the BUYER undertakes to return the product to the SELLER within 3 days, with the shipping costs covered by the SELLER.

5.8. The SELLER agrees to inform the BUYER and obtain explicit approval in case of any changes or substitutions to the product due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the parties' control.


Name/Surname/Title: [Full Name]
Address: [Address]
Phone: [Phone]
Email/Username: [Email]
Invoice Delivery: The invoice will be delivered to the specified address during the order delivery.


7.1. The BUYER has the right to withdraw from the contract without any legal or penal liability within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the product to him/her or the specified person/organization, in accordance with the provisions of the Distance Contracts Regulation.

7.2. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the BUYER must notify the SELLER in writing by registered mail, fax, or email within the 14-day period and return the product unused, complete, and undamaged with its original packaging, accessories, and user manuals.

7.3. The SELLER agrees to refund the total amount within 10 days of receiving the withdrawal notice and the necessary documents from the BUYER.


8.1. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for:
a) Contracts related to goods or services whose prices are subject to fluctuations in financial markets beyond the control of the seller or supplier.
b) Contracts for the delivery of goods prepared in line with the consumer's wishes or personal needs.
c) Contracts for the delivery of perishable or expired date goods.
ç) Contracts for the delivery of goods that cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons once opened after delivery.
d) Contracts for the delivery of goods mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature.
e) Contracts for the delivery of digital content that is not supplied on a tangible medium if performance has begun with the consumer's prior express consent.
f) Contracts for the delivery of newspapers, periodicals, or magazines.
g) Contracts for the delivery of time-sensitive services such as accommodation, transportation, car rental, catering, and recreational activities.
ğ) Electronic services or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer.
h) Service contracts that have been performed with the consumer's express consent before the expiration of the withdrawal period.

8.2. The SELLER may apply to consumer arbitration boards or consumer courts within the monetary limits specified by law for complaints and objections.

This contract is made for commercial purposes.

SELLER: [Company Name] BUYER: [Full Name] DATE: [Date]